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Wellness in your work week just got easier.

Support your company culture by integrating fitness and healthy decisions into your workplace. Keep your team refreshed, engaged and connected.

Forget about steps. Active minutes are where it’s at. And, with EverydayFit you choose how you track – connect your wearable or use our in-app timer.

Have a different wearable you’d like to connect? Submit your request here.

Create and join challenges to start making your company, club or friend circle more fun and fit.

Upgrade your account and you’ll be able to tie automated Amazon gift cards to your challenge winnings and incentives.

No limits to challenge sizes. Use it for work, pleasure and everything in between. Our contact lists and social challenge invites make it easy to get everyone on board.




  • 3 active challenges at one time
  • Unlimited number of challenge invites
  • Connect and sync with Fitbit & Strava
  • In-app timer

Pro - Coming Soon


  • For 2-50 employees
  • Unlimited challenges
  • Unlimited number of challenge invites
  • Automated Amazon gift card incentives
  • Connect and sync with Fitbit & Strava
  • Contact Lists
  • Assign account managers

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